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What is The Opportunity Finder?

​The Opportunity Finder is a search tool featured in Opportunity Knocks. Families in the series use it to find local resources to solve problems and create financial freedom. Viewers have access to the same tool to replicate the success!

New nonprofits are being added daily.  
Thanks to the work of Wave2 for donating the technology.


What other organizations may register?


Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), Not-for-profit credit unions, and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) documenting that they serve distressed communities, marginalized populations, and/or low-income people may be listed. There is a rigorous vetting of every listing including against data provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and US Treasury CDFI Fund.

Register your nonprofit

Last month 6,000 nonprofits appeared in The Opportunity Finder. Last week it was 10,000. Today 17,000. We are conducting mass uploads of national nonprofits with local affiliates. We need your help to load small nonprofits unique to individual communities. 

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