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Hannah and Juliette live in Philadelphia, PA with their beautiful toddler, Mae. Both followed their passion into helping professions: Hannah as an elementary school teacher and Juliette as a social worker.

Their goal is to afford to have another child. Between the burden of student loans and the high cost of childcare, they don’t see a future where Mae has a sibling. Like so many schoolteachers experience, the cost of the degree doesn’t pan out to the take-home pay. Hannah invested in the equivalent of two master’s degrees as required by her teaching license. With $135,000 in student loans, they struggle to keep up with their payments, even on two salaries. Having both reached their salary caps, earning more in their current jobs isn’t possible. They need to make a change.

Hannah’s strategy is to create LGBTQ curriculum to sell to other teachers. So far she’s only made $60. Can she make it work with the help of her Opportunity Coach Jean Chatzky? Juliette plots a career change. The biggest change may just be getting on the same page talking about finances as the couple eliminates overdraft fees and recaptures their own money with financial counseling.

Hannah and Juliette

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