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How To Watch Opportunity Knock$

Three Ways to Watch 

Opportunity Knock$ is a television series distributed by American Public Television. Watch how opportunity knocks for six struggling families.
  1. Streaming starts on PBS Passport October 27. 

  2. Your local PBS station.

  3. Free right here on Opportunity Knock$.net

PBS Passport

Download the PBS Passport app at no cost. You will need to activate it (similar to a streaming subscription) which typically requires a donation of either $60 or $5 a month to your local public television station. PBS provides Activation Instructions

We recommend downloading the app that fits your streaming device. PBS supports 7 platforms including Roku, FireTV, Samsung, iOS, Apple TV, android TV, and android.

Watch Your Local Station 

We chose public television to ensure free local broadcast. Stations broadcast based on local schedules. Look up your local station now.

Watch Here

To ensure Opportunity Knock$ is available to all people that need it, we are streaming the series here starting Oct 27

Opportunity Knock$ is distributed by American Public Television and presenting station WXXI.


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