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James and Fiona live in mid-city Los Angeles and are trying to have a baby.

The financial pressures are mounting. Fiona’s business shuttered overnight when COVID closed LA. Being the sole provider only increased James’ anxiety on their pregnancy journey. Like many, he equates being a “good dad” to being a good provider, which includes owning a home to raise their future child. As an educator at Los Angeles Unified School District, he has reached his salary cap and feels out of options to earn more money if he doesn’t make a change fast.

Now burdened with $68,000 in credit card and IVF loan debt, they learn that IVF clinics get kickbacks from lenders. Preyed upon by a lending model with questionable ethics, James and Fiona did not know that their hopes and dreams would leave them vulnerable. This debt alone makes it seemingly impossible for the couple to save for a down payment on a home.

Will the debt be too much to overcome, or will Opportunity Coach Louis Barajas be able to help James and Fiona to eliminate their debt, make more money and get themselves ready to bring home a baby?

James and Fiona

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