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Jared and Lauren live in Raleigh, NC with their two young children, Lauren’s parents, and grandmother. Their goal is self-sufficiency and the ability to move out of Lauren’s parents’ home. What we find on their financial journey is that Jared and Lauren’s financial worlds couldn’t be more different.

Lauren’s parents own a business and a beautiful home that was the launching point for each member of the family.

Jared was raised by a single mom working 80 hours a week. She raised her eight children with the generosity of the community and hand-me-down clothes. He came from a background where “you worked hard just to get by.”


Underneath the surface, Jared has a bigger goal that viewers will learn about while following their journey: Will he be the one to end the cycle of poverty for his children?

Lauren and Jared are grateful to her parents, but they need to move. In their thirties, they need their own independence, but will the high cost of childcare and Lauren’s need to stay home as a caretaker hold them back?

Jared’s hard work ethic made it possible for the family to get by and even save money living with Lauren’s parents.

They are ready to work with Opportunity Coach Jean Chatzky to make tough choices when Opportunity Knocks.

Jared and Lauren

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