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The Opportunity Finder: Nonprofit & CDFI Registration

What organizations may register?


  • Any nonprofit registered in Guidestar and in good standing.

  • Financial institutions, subject to the following restrictions. They must have one of the federal designations:

1. Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs),

2. Not-for-profit credit union

3. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) or

4. Low Income Designated (LID)


Financial institutions must have documentation that they have a mission of community service, are accountable to their community and serve challenged communities, marginalized populations, and/or people experiencing moderate to low incomes.


The Opportunity Finder is trying not to marginalize further people already financially excluded. We will vet every organization against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and US Treasury CDFI Fund for consumer complaints. 


Each listing is by product, not by institution. The financial institution will appear based on a search specific to the help the user needs. As a result, there are product specification standards.

For Financial Institutions

LOAN CRITERIA: Each product you register must underwrite nonprime credit at (or) below 620 FICO. Max APR 18% w/ fees except for "Payday Loan Alternatives," which must meet NCUA PAL standards.

PRODUCT SPECIFIC: Auto Refinances: Must approve above 100% LTV to help consumers with upside-down values. Mortgages: Must be inclusive with features like either DPA, technical assistance or alternative credit scoring. Business loans: Must include start-ups (personal loans for business purposes) or technical start-up assistance. Checking Accounts: Must include second chance or prepaid debit, ability to turn off ODP, and ODP must not exceed $20.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any institution with a history of unresolved complaints with CFPB will be denied registration. Any institution with significant or repeat fines from the CFPB will be denied registration.

 Please review the specific requirements for each financial product you wish to include in the Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder Registration

Organization Type
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