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Episode 1 Recap: Meet the Opportunity Coache$

Opportunity knocked for six families in Episode 1 of Opportunity Knock$. They were introduced to a life-changing adventure at Dollywood in the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

Opportunity knocks in the opening scene of Opportunity Knock$ epiosde 1 with Jean Chatky, Patrice Washington and Louis Barajas.
Opportunity Knock$ Episode 1 opens with families meeting their coaches in Dollywood.

We meet Tiffany & Charles, a teacher and preacher from Lake Charles, LA, James & Fiona, a couple trying to have a baby in Los Angeles, CA, Patricia a single mom in El Paso, TX, Michelle a mom to three in Tampa, FL, Jared & Lauren and their two toddlers who live with Lauren’s parents in Raleigh, NC, and Hannah & Juliette a married couple and their daughter from Philadelphia, PA.

The families were paired with Opportunity Coaches, Louis Barajas, Patrice Washington, and Jean Chatzky who serve as guides to help the families navigate the difficult financial transformation. Louis is a financial healer recognized in People Magazine en Español. He is co-founder/CEO of Business Management LAB and a member of CNBC's Financial Advisory Council. Patrice is a best-selling author and host of the Redefining Wealth Podcast with 12 million downloads. Jean Chatzky is CEO of and was the financial editor of NBC's Today for 25 years.


Introducing the journey to their children in Lake Charles, Tiffany and Charles tell the kids Opportunity Knock$ is for the whole family. “Financial success for me means creating a path for my kids.”

The episode ends in a tender moment at Patricia’s home in El Paso showing just how hard life is as the family comes together with tears and hope. Patricia shares, “All of you have a dream like I do. Use me as an example to never give up.”

A tender moment discussing financial hardship on the television series Opportunity Knocks.
Patricia and her children share a tender moment in Episode 1.

Viewers are left wanting to see how exactly opportunity knocks for Patricia and her children in Episode 2.


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