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Episode 2 Recap: Out of the $torm

After departing Dollywood, the Opportunity Coaches visit families at their homes. Things get emotional.

There are tough questions and heartbreaking answers that pull at Jean, Patrice, and Louis' heartstrings. It's ok to shed a few tears during this episode. We did.


Patrice Washington visits Tiffany & Charles and Lake Charles, LA.

Instantly she understands that the teacher and preacher have a heart for people with giving professions. That does not stop her from telling the couple what they need to hear to get ahead, though she does it with a smile.

Opportunity Knocks coach Patrice Washington brings financial wellbeing to Lake Charles, LA.
Opportunity Coach, Patrice Washington, visits Tiffany and Charles in Lake Charles, LA.

Tiffany says Patrice, “has that presence like I’m here and we’re about to get started!”

We learn the heartbreaking reason why Tiffany and Charles first started down the path of financial difficulty. Their twin son, Christopher, was born without kidneys. In one of the most bonding coach scenes, Patrice shares her own loss with Tiffany.

Tiffany describes what happens to too many families when tragedy strikes, “We lost everything.”

Opportunity knock$ television series visits Lake Charles, LA. Watch to see how families rebuild their financial lives when opportunity knocks.
Parts of Lake Charles, LA are still as devastated today as they were after the hurricanes in 2020.

Moving from Houston to Lake Charles to rebuild, Tiffany and Charles started a church. Then in 2020, they experienced two hurricanes back-to-back. Their current circumstances are shocking to Patrice. Will this be the moment they are finally able to move out of the financial storm?


Jean Chatzky visits Jared & Lauren at her parent's home in Raleigh, NC.

She learns that Jared entered the relationship with $75,000 in debt. The couple shared where they are financially today and where the pressure to move out of Lauren’s parent's home is coming from. Jean asks Lauren a tough question about her future.

Opportunity Knocks coach Jean Chatzky asks Lauren a tough question about her financial hardship.
Lauren considers Jean Chatzky's question.

“I’m going to get emotional. That’s a really hard decision.”


Louis Barajas meets Patricia's son visiting her ranch near El Paso, TX.

He is kind and grounded in learning that Patricia is about to lose her ranch to foreclosure after being behind in payments and taxes for 10 months.

Opportunity Knock$ coach Louis Barajas delivers a hard truth to a family in the television series. Watch to see how the family answers when opportunity knocks.
Louis delivers a hard truth to Patricia at her ranch.

“We have to face what’s going on right now,” Louis tells Patricia. “You may not be here long.”

Viewers are left more connected to each family when opportunity knocks in Episode 3.


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