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Episode 3 Recap: For the Kid$

Families sharing their life stories remain tender with big emotions. It takes courage to be vulnerable when opportunity knocks.

The at-home visits continue for the Opportunity Coaches. This time Louis, Patrice, and Jean head to Los Angles, Baton Rouge, and Philadelphia.

Louis Barajas visits the home of James & Fiona in Los Angeles, CA.

After Fiona warmly welcomes Louis into their home, he hears how the couple fell in love and their greatest desire. They ask him frankly if their dream is completely out of reach. James describes a strong connection with Louis which will keep him moving forward.

James and Fiona answer the door when opportunity knocks. They were visited by Louis Barajas of television series Opportunity Knock$.
Fiona and James welcome Louis to their home.
“I love that he calls himself a financial healer. Louis just feels like he is your best friend.”


Patrice Washington meets Michelle at her rental home in Tampa, FL.

Michelle's visit with Patrice has higher stakes than the other families.

Opportunity Knock$ television series episode 3 features a single mother's fight against systematic barriers to economic mobility. Will she be able to achieve financial freedom when opportunity knocks?
Michelle tells Patrice Washington that she is all in!
“I’m extremely nervous to be going on this financial journey because one of my biggest fears is running out of money.

Patrice learns Michelle will need to take a leap of faith. The challenge for Michelle is not only facing financial hurdles but also systematic barriers, and the biggest hurdle is facing her fears.


Jean Chatzky meets with Hannah & Juliette in Philadelphia, PA.

Juliette shares her expectation before Jean arrives as Hannah giggles nervously.

“Oh no, here she is, this famous woman who is going to destroy us.”
Jean Chatzky coaches Hannah on Opportunity Knock$ television series. The scene is emotional as she faces her financial fears. Vulnerability is courageous when opportunity knocks.
Hannah shares her fears with Jean Chatzky.

Just like James and Fiona, Hanna and Juliette bond with Jean sharing their love story. Then Hannah breaks down in tears about her finances and asks Jean if she thinks she’s crazy. Juliette comforts her wife. Jean assures her that her feelings are normal.

Jean Chatzky featured on Opportunity Knock$ providing financial coaching to Hannah. Watch to see the financial transformation when opportunity knocks.
Jean Chatzky comforts Hannah.

“It’s a problem that together you will solve.”

Now that we know about families' money secrets, we can now see them get to work in the next episode of Opportunity Knock$.


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