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Ronaldo Hardy is a community development powerhouse, national speaker, pastor, and host of Opportunity Knock$.


From lessons learned at a struggling parishioner’s kitchen table to boardroom leadership at his revolutionary community development business, he knows what it takes to change lives.


As one of the owners of CU Strategic Planning Ronaldo leads diversity and financial justice initiatives. His company provides oversight and compliance of nearly $1 billion in US Treasury CDFI funding. A fit with the mission of Opportunity Knock$, the sole purpose of CDFI funding is to improve the lives of underserved people and advance distressed communities.


In his past role as the CEO of a CDFI, he implemented life-changing financial products including wage replacement and technical skills loans that increased the lifetime earnings of minimum wage workers by 78%. To remove barriers, he even provided childcare vouchers.


Ronaldo’s personal mission is "to change the world by building people that change the world." There is no better host to set families on the right path with their Opportunity Coaches.

Ronaldo Hardy

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