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Tiffany and Charles are a teacher and a preacher living in Lake Charles, LA with their two pre-teen children.

This isn’t the first time Tiffany and Charles have financially started over. A lengthy hospital stay in Houston, TX ended with the loss of one of their twin babies to a rare disease. They returned from the hospital without jobs, a car, or home.

Moving to Lake Charles, they rebuilt their lives along with a new church. Just as construction on the church was complete in 2020, Category 4 Hurricanes Laura and Delta tore through the city in succession. The church was gone along with many buildings and most houses.

To keep a roof over their heads they lived on credit cards for three months. The couple also placed the needs of their parishioners above their own, generously lending money and support to the detriment of their own financial wellbeing.

Will Opportunity Coach Patrice Washington help these people of deep faith turn things around? They asked God for help and opportunity knocked on their door.

Tiffany and Charles

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