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Underwriting Opportunity Knock$ Season 2


Opportunity Knock$ is the public media component of  The Opportunity Initiative. It is produced with funding from grants and underwriting contributions from socially responsible organizations which share our mission to change lives. Funders have no editorial influence on content.

Opportunity Knock$ is an independent production distributed by American Public Television to PBS Passport and public television stations nationally. It is funded through underwriting by socially responsible organizations and foundations that share our mission to break down systematic barriers to financial inclusion, and economic mobility. 

Season one was funded through a generous grant from the National Council for Financial Opportunities. Additional funding is provided by Balance, one of the nation's oldest and most respected nonprofit financial counseling agencies, and Callahan & Associates.

Become a Season 2 Funder

Season 2 is seeking funding from ethical sources. Funds can be contributed to our nonprofit production using marketing budgets, CRA, and from public, private, family, and corporate foundations. Join sponsors and receive branding recognition every time the show is played on stations across the country and as it streams on PBS Passport.

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Learn How to Be a Season 2 Sponsor

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