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Opportunity Knocks In the Media

View the press coverage of Opportunity Knocks, the Opportunity Coaches, and the families.


KTLA, 5/1/24

Opportunity Knock$ on PBS Season 2: Beyond Reality TV to Financially Empower Viewers Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Money Banking & Me

Opportunity Knock$ on PBS Hosted its Season 2 Premier in Washington, DC

CU Today, 4/22/24

Season Two of Opportunity Knock$ PBS Series Premieres In Washington

The Credit Union Connection, 4/19/24

Opportunity Knock$ on PBS Hosted its Season 2 Premiere In Washington, DC


Yahoo! Finance Live, 7/25/23
Retirement checklist: 5 things to do to get yourself prepared


KARK TV, 6/6/23

Opportunity Knock$ Honored with Telly Award Best Reality TV Series

Current, 5/22/23

Increase relevance to attract younger, BIPOC and lower- income viewers

Louisiana Public Broadcasting I PBS Newsletter, 5/1/23

Opportunity Knock$

The Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden, 4/28/23

Learn from Tax expert and financial planner Louis Barajas

WPIX-TV, New York Living, 3/23/23

Debunking different tax myths this tax season


WGN-TV Midday News 3/21/23
Your Money Matters: Advice on navigating this year's tax season

Yahoo! Finance Live, 3/10/23​
Why first-time business owners shouldn't do their taxes 


Yahoo! Finance, 3/1/23

New IRS rules, itemized deductions: Expert explains filing taxes in 2023

Psychology Today, 2/13/23

How Asking For Help Can Change Your Life

Reddit AMA, 2/9/23

Louis Barajas - Let's talk about inflation, layoffs, debt and making more money. AMA!

Wharton Business Daily, 1/24/23

Jean Chatzky: The Start of the Year is a Great Time to Review Your Finances (podcast)

WFLA's Daytime, 1/5/23

How to answer when 'Opportunity Knocks' (broadcast)

The Mountain Press, 12/14/22

Debt-laden families are paired with financial experts on Opportunity Knocks, an altruistic reality series

Investing Strategy with Barbara Freidberg, 12/8/22

Best Way to Save and Invest Now with Louis Barajas (YouTube)

Newsweek, 12/7/22

'I Was Lying on the Bathroom Floor, in the Fetal Position, $2M in Debt'


Sirius XM’s Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery, 11/30/22

Breaking From Financial Hardship With an Opportunity (broadcast)

Al Dia News, 11/22/22

New TV series helps Latino families get control over their finances

Al Dia News, 11/22/22

Programa de tv buscar dar educación financiera a los latinos

Ebony Magazine, 11/17/22

The Biggest Money Mistakes You’re Making and How To Fix Them

BELatina, 11/17/22

‘Opportunity Knock$’ Latina Participant Details How The Show Taught Her Financial Freedom

Tomorrow Will Be Televised, 11/11/22

Tomorrow Will Be Televised Upcycle Nation/Middlehood/Opportunity Knocks Episode (broadcast)

Channel Q, 11/7/22

The Morning Beat with AJ. and Mikalah (podcast)

Redefining Wealth Podcast, 11/3/22

Celebrating My New Show on PBS!!

Yahoo! Finance, 11/3/22

I just wanted to tell my story': El Paso family featured on PBS' Opportunity Knock$ show 

Carolinas Credit Union League, 11/3/22

Coastal Credit Union featured in Opportunity Knock$ TV series

Stacking Benjamins, 11/2/22

Taking Control When Opportunity Knocks (with Patrice Washington and Sean Mullaney) (podcast)

The Source w/ Andrea Lawful-Sanders, 11/1/22

Interview with Patrice Washington (radio)

Stocks for Beginners, 11/1/22

Helping Americans to chart a path to financial stability Louis Barajas From Opportunity Knock$ (podcast)


WXXI News, 10/31/22

"Opportunity Knock$," and how Americans can overcome systemic financial barriers


Fox 5 Washington D.C. - Good Day D.C., October 27, 2022 

Tips to financially prepare and save for down times (video)

HerMoney, 10/27/22

How to Change Your Money Habits (podcast)

Earn & Invest, 10/24/22

When Opportunity Knocks, Will You Answer? (podcast), 10/20/22

Experts: Should You Focus On Low APR or Rewards for Your Credit Card?

Nerdwallet, 10/18/22

8 Latino Financial Pros on Building Wealth and Knowledge in 2022


American Press, 10/14/22

LC residents to appear on new TV series ‘Opportunity Knock$’

Money Talk with Tiff, 10/11/22

Tiffany's Take: Opportunity Knocks with Rahkim Sabree & Patrice Washington (podcast)


Cynopsis, 10/11/22

“Opportunity Knock$” Puts the Real in Reality TV


DotCom Magazine, 10/7/22

Debt-Laden Families Are Paired With Renowned Financial Experts to Create a Roadmap Towards Financial Independence on Opportunity Knock$

Opportunity Knocks featuring Jean Chatzky is a personal finance reality TV series on PBS.
Opportunity Knocks featuring Jean Chatzky is a personal finance reality TV series on PBS.
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