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About Opportunity Knock$

We believe reality television used for good has the power to remove systematic barriers for everyone to build better lives.

See Our Values!

At a time when more than 60% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, a lack of knowledge on financial resources and strategy continually prevents many families and individuals from identifying ways to break free from financial hardship. This Fall, Opportunity Knock$ will show six families a different way forward by pairing them with renowned financial experts Jean Chatzky, Patrice Washington, and Louis Barajas to take control of their finances by providing them - and viewers -with actionable advice, tools, and community resources.

Opportunity Knock$ is a socially responsible production with the mission to be "Life-Changing Television."  Its website, featuring The Opportunity Finder provides viewers access to community services and financial opportunities from national and local non-profits, Minority Depository Institutions, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), and not-for-profit credit unions.

Opportunity Knock$ is distributed to PBS Passport and public television stations nationally by American Public Television (APT) and presenting station WXXI. The show is part of the Opportunity Initiative funded by the nonprofit  National Council of Financial Opportunities.

The National Council for Financial Opportunities is a nonprofit working to increase opportunity for all. Additional funding was provided by Balance and Callahan and Associates. 

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