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About Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks is a personal finance reality tv series on PBS which provides help to people living paycheck to paycheck.

The largest economic mobility campaign in U.S. history: The Opportunity Initiative.


Opportunity Knocks public television series is the outreach arm of The Opportunity Initiative, the largest economic mobility campaign in U.S. history.

The Telly and Anthem Awards-winning show is designed to reduce the shame of financial challenges and increase opportunities for the 40% of Americans living on survival budgets.

The Opportunity Initiative's transformative technology, featured in Opportunity Knocks and available as a resource to viewers is the recipient of a Gold DotCom Award.


The Opportunity Finder connects viewers to services essential to increasing financial resiliency and income adequacy at nonprofits, CDFIs, and not-for-profit credit unions.


In Season One The Opportunity Finder connected 60,000 people to utility assistance, childcare, eviction prevention,  business start-up services, and more.  


In 2024, The Opportunity initiative received a  $500,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to develop The Opportunity Coach capable of conducting financial health assessments and measuring financial health outcomes for viewers.

Opportunity Knocks is broadcast nationally by PBS stations and streams on PBS Passport. It is underwritten by The National Council for Financial Opportunities, Callahan & Associates, The Wells Fargo Foundation, and Balance. It is distributed by American Public Television (APT) and presenting station WXXI. 

There are many ways to watch Opportunity Knocks including right here.

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