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Opportunity Knocks Season 2: Real Talk About Money Struggles and Survival on PBS

You know that feeling when you're barely making ends meet, and it seems like nobody gets it? Opportunity Knocks just might change that. In episode 201, the first of the new season, we meet six families from all over the country dealing with serious money problems. And guess what? They get real about building a better life. They agreed to be on the reality TV show directed by Brian Spoor, of Undercover Billionaire and 90 Day Fiance, to inspire viewers how to unrig the system using tips from coaches and The Opportunity Coach, the TV show's free tool. Everyone deserves a coach.

First up, there's Nicole from El Paso. She's a single mom working as a receptionist at her parents' auto shop, relying on credit cards to pay the bills to survive after her divorce. She's stuck in that paycheck-to-paycheck life, no matter how hard she tries.


Then there's Erika from New Orleans. She had cancer and her dad passed away from it too. On top of all that pain, she got stuck with a bunch of high-interest debt that she's still trying to pay off years later. Her car was repossessed and she needs to get it back.


In Ohio, Maegan and Wes are dealing with getting their utilities shut off while trying to pay rent on his grocery store job and her teacher's assistant salary. They want to own a home someday. Personal finance seams like a big deal to talk about when they just need money for gasoline to get to work.


Donnell and Tanda, a veteran and school teacher in D.C. seem to have it better with their jobs, but they have a crazy amount of credit card debt that's more money than most people make in a year. Maybe it's because of their side hustles. Many people use credit cards to start businesses, and struggle, crushed by the growing bills.

Wesley and Bobbye in Baton Rouge are falling behind on their mortgage while raising three kids on just his pay as a store manager without any overtime. They're always trying to figure out which bills to pay first.


Omar and Lynette are determined to buy a house to raise their three teenage girls in Seattle. Right now they're living in an apartment, paycheck to paycheck. They are a fun couple that deals with money stress with humor.


All these folks have different stories, but they're all in the same boat - feeling stressed, frustrated, and ready for a change. They're scared to have some finance expert poking around in their business, but they're taking a chance on a financial coach to help them break free from the money struggles that have been holding them back.


In the next episodes, coaches guide the families to find ways to make more money, pay off their debt, and save for emergencies. With the help of Opportunity Knocks tools, The Opportunity Coach and The Opportunity Finder, the journeys could be life-changing.


Opportunity Knocks is keeping it 100 percent, showing that most of us are dealing with the same trouble paying bills with the cost of gas and groceries skyrocketing. You might see your own story in one of these families. Watch Opportunity Knocks to learn how to unrig the system. Use The Opportunity Coach to take the same steps as the families to get out of debt and work towards a better life,


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