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Opportunity Knock$ is a social justice production with the mission to change lives. Our values drive show decisions: 

It’s not just for show.

Opportunity Knock$ changes lives off-camera. The show is real. Families cast are forever connected to CDFIs, nonprofits, and financial counselors.


Everyone deserves access to opportunity.

Mistakes of the past do not prevent opportunities in the future for people committed to building better lives.


No representing without representation.

Opportunity Knock$ helps real people solve real financial problems with help in their communities by people in their communities. Opportunity Coaches selected to advise the families appearing in the series are chosen based on cultural competency. If producers do not have direct experience with the situation, consulting producers with equitable backgrounds are engaged, respected, and their knowledge acted upon.


We improve situations not people.
We reject stereotypes and labels.
We remove systematic barriers.

People are not inherently broken. Opportunity Knock$ rejects "financial literacy", which judges "illiteracy". There is no such thing as a “low-income person.” There is income inadequacy. We believe that saving is not a solution when there is not a penny left from a dollar fully spent just to survive. We remove systematic barriers by increasing access to resources, capital, and solutions.


We work hard to reject exploitation.

Opportunity Knock$ intentionally cast families that wanted to be part of the show because they too are motivated to change the lives of viewers. Their courage to be vulnerable is heroic and we honor that spirit. We do not feature non-financial, unrelated personal trauma. 


We choose pay parity & vendor diversity.

No person makes less than another doing the same job regardless of gender, gender identification, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  Vendor selection is equitable to ensure underrepresented groups are included at every level of production.


We are a movement.

Opportunity Knock$ television series makes production decisions befitting a movement. We intentionally selected funding aligned with The Opportunity Initiative funded by the National Council for Financial Opportunities. There are many volunteers and organizations that have dedicated their time, passion, and resources to improving economic mobility. 

We choose our funders and partners carefully.

Opportunity Knock$ will not accept funding that advances the brand of organizations that provide predatory financial services to distressed communities or vulnerable people, that employ deceptive bait-and-switch marketing tactics, or from general service providers with predatory rates or fees. We will not accept funding from organizations with unresolved issues of perpetuating racism. We will not partner with any organization that does not share our values in statement or action. 


We won’t get everything right.

When Opportunity Knock$ gets it wrong, we fix it. We repair and grow. We learn how to avoid the same mistake. We accept responsibility. We vulnerably share to inspire others that being wrong is ok when you learn something new to make it right.

Show Values

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